Social Media Upsets Marketers At Times

The digital marketing is comparatively a new business. Yet, with the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter sporting many regular active users, no one will agree the statement that it is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Nevertheless, unlocking and accepting the worth and efficacy of social media marketing can be tough. In eMarketer’s perspective, the marketers who are putting their heart and soul to unlock the worth of social media marketing are failing to reach the ultimate target.

Struggling To Connect
When you do a thorough market study, it is easily understandable that a number of companies have invested their precious time and money into social media initiatives. It is a fact that returns on those investments remain hard to calculate.
A recent study conducted by Simply Measured and TrustRadius shows that calculating the return on investment (ROI) and link between social activities and business results are some of the exciting features of social media initiatives for contemporary trades.
Vague ROI
The recent study is surely not the first one describing that computing returns on social media marketing efforts can be frustrating. SharpSpring’s last year study says that the 40% of the ad agencies across the globe allude to ROI as the foremost hurdle in media marketing triumph.
Further more, according to EConsultancy’s 2015 study opines that only 20 percent of the customer-side marketers would define their capability to calculate social media revenues as “worthy,” whereas 80 percent of respondents will define it as “OK” or “poor.”

Lack of Tools
The latest study conducted by Simply Measured and TrustRadius gives a clear picture about the social media professionals’ method of analyzing marketing efforts. However, tools for progressive analysis, comprising content optimization, level of engagement and data correctness, are not broadly accessible at the moment.